Ironman Triathlon Training - The Big Race

By Peter Plourde  

With Saturday fast approaching so is the Hawaii Ironman, the big race in the triathlon universe. Most people really don't understand what it takes for an individual to get there, and I would say myself included until this year, where I saw an Ironman triathlon training plan up close through a friend. Right now he is days away from participating in the big race. A race he would call the greatest achievement of his life.

Before spending time on some of Jim's long rides this year, and some after ride stomps for food, I really didn't realize how incredible the commitment is to get to Kona and earn one of the coveted qualifying spots at the race.

In case you're reading an unaware of what it takes to get there, you must earn one of a very small amount of qualifying spots at sanctioned Ironman races across the United States and the world. They also offer 200 slots via lottery. In other words you better bring you're "A" game if you want to race in the Hawaii Ironman. The Hawaii Ironman takes a very intense Ironman triathlon training strategy, and a complete nutrition plan that needs to be followed to the letter, highly recommend not trying to get there alone, get a coach, with a good plan to follow, who has a proven track record.

The race was born in 1978 when John Collins thought to solve an ongoing debate about the athlete with the greatest ability to process oxygen would best be determined by putting three individual races, a 2.4 mile swim in Waikiki, a 115 mile bike which was two days around Oahu, and the Honolulu marathon together would be the best way to answer the question of who was the toughest athlete around.

Fifteen brave souls started the race, most likely without an Ironman triathlon training plan, they each had a personal posse to help them with supplies would line up at the start, they each received 3 sheets of paper, and on the last sheet were John Collins famous quote "swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, run 26.2 miles, brag for the rest of your life."

The race would be won in 11 hours and 15 minutes by Tom Warren and the Ironman mystique was born. The race has exploded in popularity but the Hawaii Ironman remains the test of tests, and for anyone who has ever raced an ironman, respect for the Hawaii Ironman athletes is without question there. They are all amazing.

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Working Out With A Cold or Flu - A Guide For Triathlon Training Plans While Sick

By Ryan D Gebhardt 

For most athletes getting sick raises the question of if they should work out or not. The answer isn't always simple, but the first step is to sit down and evaluate what exactly you are feeling to decide on the right course of action. Skip to the bottom if you are already feeling sick and just want to know if you should work out or not.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Let's start by talking about prevention. Although the average adult gets two to three upper respiratory infections a year it doesn't mean you have to.

Avoid over training. While studies suggest being active will help reduce the chances of catching and the duration of a cold, the average triathlete flirts with over training which can hinder your immune response. Over training is a major contributing factor for many triathletes and one of the best ways to measure this is with your morning heart rate. Make a habit of taking your pulse first thing in the morning before getting out of bed, make it a part of your training journal with notes about how you are feeling in a general sense. After establishing a good baseline on well days, you can assess mornings that you wake up fatigued and or sore. With a heart rate that is 5% higher than your base you will want to scale back your workout that day and lower the intensity. If your heart rate is 10% higher than the base, just take the day or two off completely to rest. Also know the other symptoms of over training. 
Washed-out feeling, tired, drained, lack of energy
Mild leg soreness, general aches and pains
Pain in muscles and joints
Sudden drop in performance
Decreased immunity (increased number of colds, and sore throats)
Decrease in training capacity / intensity
Moodiness and irritability
Loss of enthusiasm for the sport
Decreased appetite
Increased incidence of injuries.

Eat a well-balanced diet. The immune system depends on many vitamins and minerals for optimal function. It doesn't matter what sort of diet and eating philosophy or plan you are into - overwhelming evidence shows that getting the micro and macro nutrients you need will help keep you well.

Get enough rest. Even if you are not over training, most adults are not getting enough regular sleep. If you are not getting enough rest at night your immune system will not be firing on all cylinders. While coffee might jump start you in the morning, your immune system will still be a little sluggish.

Wash your hands. Your mom was right, washing your hands keeps the germs off. You touch a lot of things, and in between all those things you touch your face. By extension, all that nasty stuff you touched is essentially going right into your mouth, nose, & eyes.

Come to my office. There is not any definitive research, but a lot of preliminary studies and reports suggest there might be some improvement in immunoregulatory function with spinal manipulation. Even still, Chiropractic care can help with getting enough rest, nutrition, and over training when a skilled Chiropractor takes the time to assist you with those areas of your health.

Get sick. Sometimes it is unavoidable and you end up with an upper respiratory infection or the flu anyway. Being sick and exposed to virus and bacteria is how we build immunity in the first place. Once we recover from the flu virus you are immune to that virus for life, not a bad deal really. Since you are already sick, take the time to rest and recover. Embrace the awful symptoms as they are your bodies method of fighting. I recommend avoiding over the counter medicine that just treats symptoms - that fever is how your body fights the cold & flu. It may also trick you into feeling better than you are and lead to future over exhaustion and fatigue.

Work out or not? Training while sick.

Alright, so you aren't feeling well and want to know if you should work out anyway?

Depends... In doing some more research to validate my own opinions on the matter, it was hard to come up with any short and concise advice. You really have to figure out your symptoms and know if you just have a mild cold, allergies, the flu, or possibly something else. This is the standard disclaimer - go to your doctor if you are unsure. Relying on Internet advice, even from a health care professionals blog, is not a smart move. Make an appointment if you have any questions or concerns.

I am going to take a bit of risk and assume we are only talking about the little gray area of "kind of sick" "un-descriptive not feeling well" and we all know that obvious violent flu, food poison, pneumonia, and other very obvious levels of sick are no goes for working out.

If you are otherwise fine and the workout is your only concern it is safe to say that if your symptoms are above the neck and you do not have a fever, exercise is probably safe. Intensive exercise should be postponed until a few days after the symptoms have gone away. Use some caution, you might be able to workout through a little head cold but if not taken care of and monitored it can develop into something more serious.

However, if there are symptoms or signs of the flu, such as fever, extreme tiredness, muscle aches, swollen lymph glands, then at least two days for everyday you where sick are needed for recovery before you continue with intense exercise again.

but, but, but.... I was sick for a whole week, you really want me to take two weeks off? Three weeks without training! 

It does sound a bit severe, but hear me out.

1. you where probably over training anyway - if your immune system was up to par you probably would not have been sick as long. Also, if you jump back into heavy training you will be very likely to have a repeat or two and miss well more than 3 weeks, but with actual sick days.

2. If you happened to just be very sick and weren't simply over trained - that is hard on your body. Your immune system just ran it's own ironman event and it needs time to recover from it's own sort of workout. Just like an injury, you want to come back stronger than before so let your body heal.

3. You are not going to lose that much fitness... Really, it will be OK. If you don't follow my advice and start training anyway, you will have a noticeable decrease in performance and fitness. It is expected and normal, but guess what? You'll slowly pick it up and be back to normal in about....... oh right around two week. Probably the same place as if you just took the time off to begin with, but with the disadvantages mentioned above.

Feeding the addiction. If you consider yourself a seasoned triathlete, you more likely than not have an addictive personality and training is your vice. You're fixated on psychological/physical effects of physical exercise and fitness and being sick is driving you crazy, feeling better and taking time off? Do some light cross training. Go for a walk. Did out that Beach Cruiser bike. Being physically active is okay, and there is some benefit too. You can go for a bike ride, but you don't have to make it a work out. Try that water aerobics class before lap swim, those old ladies will enjoy the company and if you can trust stereotypes - they probably bake some mean cookies. Show some restraint and you can be back into training healthier and faster and not suffer a mental breakdown from training withdraw.

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Keeping Cichlids: All You Need to Know

By Larry Pearson 

There are a lot of people who are interested in cichlids. This is probably because keeping cichlids does not require much effort. These colorful fishes are types you would really love to have in your own home or business space. If you are wondering if you should get cichlids in your house, you should probably take the time to check out these cichlids maintenance and care tips below. The following information would surely be of help in making your decision.

• Keep your cichlids healthy 
The first thing you should cover is your commitment in keeping cichlids. Like any other pets, cichlids also need enough care and responsibility. You should be able to check on your fishes' pets at all times. Take the time to read more about them like what you are doing now.

• Always clean the tank 
The next thing that most cichlids enthusiasts or fish owners tend to forget is the tank. Fishes need enough space to move. Its surroundings must also be clean at all times. As such, you need to take into account that cleaning the cichlids task is a regular habit. Otherwise, you forgo your fishes' health and put them on certain health risks.

• Check its diet 
Cichlids and all other fishes also eat. They have a diet to maintain. You cannot just assume that these fishes are carnivorous or herbivorous. The best thing to do is to check on the specific breed of the cichlids you have. This way you know you are feeding your cichlids the correct food at the right amount. Bear in mind that the wrong diet can affect your pets' health.

• Study its behavior 
Think of your cichlids as humans. They also have personalities. As such, their behavior would definitely say a lot about them. What you should do is to research on the different behavioral patterns of your specific cichlid type. The aquarium where you bought your cichlids can surely help in this regard. You can also sign up at online cichlid forums so you would be able to access credible information for free. There are also newsletters on cichlid care that you can subscribe to.

• Respect its natural attitude 
You would surely observe that cichlids are dominant type of fishes. They are aggressive at times. Expect them to be more dominant especially when they are in groups. With this, it might be unhealthy to mix them with other fish types. If you are planning on mixing them with your current fishes, it is best that you look for cichlid breeds that are amenable to such a setup.

• Tank and condition must be conducive to breeding 
Planning to breed your own cichlids is another step. The general tip one can give you is to make sure that your cichlids are placed in a tank that is very much conducive to breeding. It has to be properly sanitized. The health of your cichlids would also be a concern. You have to gear their health up prior and after mating. This ensures that you would have healthy cichlids.

Keeping cichlids of your own is very easy. Just follow the suggestions above and you'll never go wrong.

Is your cichlid always sick and unhappy? Are you looking for resources to help care, keep and breed healthy and beautiful cichlids? Larry Pearson is an Expert Author and an authority on caring and breeding cichlid fish. Learn more about keeping cichlids [] and how to keep healthy and beautiful cichlids on his website [] If you want even more information, subscribe to the FREE 10-part keeping cichlids guide email mini-course at no cost.

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How To Earn Online

A how to make money fast online, i.e. make money online article recommended by the site

 By Jerry J. Stuart 

How to earn online - a personal testimony

I know a 'mature student' who wishes to remain anonymous, who had invested a lot in his career. He has 4 degrees, among them an MBA and a PhD. He has a lot of experience and was accustomed to earning a very good salary. That was until 2008 when he spent 13 months looking for work unsuccessfully. He has a large family who is dependent upon him. Eventually he decided that since most areas other than the Internet seemed to be going nowhere or in decline, he'd seek to learn how to earn online. He would try to equip himself to do business on the Internet (something entirely new to him), thinking that this was a better long-term investment than trying to find employment, which he had found quite soul-destroying after investing so much effort for such little return. His return on investment (ROI) could hardly have been worse over recent years. So what did he do?

He enrolled with yet another university (this time an online university), which is now teaching him very practical skills to enable him to start a completely new career and earn a living online. There are probably many like him all over the world, so his testimony might be helpful to many who have access to the Internet and are themselves considering how to earn online.

How to earn online - a pipe dream?

They have shown him that setting up an Internet business is not a pipe dream, but an achievable task (providing that he is prepared to work at it). An Internet business within a specific niche market can provide one with the ability to earn a $five-figure monthly salary. I am going to touch briefly upon the best approach to setting up such a business.

How to earn online by becoming an Affiliate Marketer

Today these are huge varieties of products and services available for sale on the Internet. One can promote these products without owning them and earn a handsome commission as an Affiliate Marketer. One's referrals are tracked through special links, also known as affiliate links, in order that commission is received in return for customers introduced. This is one of the best ways to set-up an Internet business as one is able to earn online without actually owning anything, other than the website. Read for example, a comment posted just a few days ago by another student at our web-based university. Bear in mind that one's first online sale is a major milestone. "On another note, I made my first sale ever today. I was so surprised! I started a campaign for an Amazon product at the beginning of this month. It's kind of funny because I didn't actually sell the product I was promoting, but they made a purchase on another item through my link. I love that about Amazon. I know that if we all stick with this, we will succeed."

How to earn online by helping connect people with the products that they are looking for

Simply put, your goal as an Internet Marketer is to guide potential customers to these company websites in order for your business to grow. The Internet has changed the way we live our lives. Setting up an Internet business is attracting people in droves towards this easy and inexpensive way of earning online. However there is a lot more to this than might at first appear. Just setting up a website and waiting for orders to flood in, could involve a lengthy wait! You need to have effective "marketing" strategies and make concerted efforts in order to get going. You need to be relevant to your customers and just as in the physical world you need to understand, empathise with and help them.

How to earn online - some important considerations

Setting up an Internet business is not just about having a website. There are other factors that need attention when considering how to earn online, they will contribute directly towards your online success or failure.

1. A website that is successfully optimised, marketed and that attracts appropriate traffic can lead to a consistent $5 figure monthly income, but although this sounds straightforward enough, you need to consider all the 'pieces" involved in the set-up and execution of your business online. This requires knowledge and experience or a good tutor.

2. You need also to be aware that this option will take you several months at least to get up and running, it will not happen overnight though you might encounter many 'promises' to the contrary. Many start on a part-time basis.

3. Because time is money in such a venture, you need the best tools and resources that you can get if you wish to pursue this option.

I hope this has been helpful, especially for those of you struggling to find employment, while having financial responsibilities requiring you to earn an income. I wish you success as you consider how to earn online [] and as you compare your options, traditional and new, offline and online.

For more information why not try our FREE course on Internet Marketing []? Most of my articles are about earning a living from home. At you will find links to excellent, thoroughly vetted, home based business opportunities (online and offline) including unbiased information on business opportunities, that you simply won't find elsewhere.

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How To Earn Online Income Without Starting A Business

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 By Cynthia Minnaar 

You do not need to build a website or start an internet business in order to earn online income. It is possible to work at home as there are some great opportunities out there. This way you can avoid the traditional job setting and still make an income.

Here we discuss 3 ways to earn online income without having to start your own business or create a website.

A great way to make some extra money without having a physical business is selling stuff on eBay. eBay is an online auction site where you can sell items and collect the money. You will ship the product to the highest bidder once you have received the payment. It is a simple and good way to earn online income.

With eBay everything you need is provided for you. It is very simple to setup the actual auction. A template is provided and you just have to fill in the blanks and make a few choices.

Once you are up and running you can choose how long to run the auction. Most people let the auction run for at least a week, whilst others only list items for a couple of days. This can allow time for the item to draw attention and get more people watching this item.

Doing office work online is another good way to make income without an online business. Online there are a few good sites that can refer you to others that have office work assignments. Using your home computer you will complete the request and once the job is completed you get paid.

You will most likely have to complete an application form and pass a screening test for these types of positions. Doing this will give you the opportunity to showcase your skills and earn from home by working for someone else.

Taking online surveys is something that many people do each day. On the internet there are many different online survey sites you can choose to join. You are instantly ready to begin taking surveys after you have signed up.

For each survey you complete you will get paid a certain amount. Before deciding whether to participate you will want to find out what each survey pays. A great way for a stay at home mom or someone who is unemployed to make some extra money is by taking online surveys.

When you earn online income, you can use your free time and this is something that many people have at some point in the day. Extra income is something that many people need right now and taking advantage of your computer to make it is very smart.

Cynthia Minnaar is a full-time internet marketer and the owner of She invites you to visit her online business ideas site where she will share a variety of ways to earn online income.

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